• Rachel Kitcat


Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Hey there! I'm Kitcat, but my name is Rachel. Kitcat is my surname but if you didn't know me already, you probably wouldn't have known that. I'm the Director and Founder of Kitcat Kreatives and want to reach out to you! I've been thinking long and hard about what the right tone to take with this along and what person to speak in... I, we, they? I've decided to speak in the first person however and to write in an informal/chatty style... whether that be right or wrong, I think it'll work! So, to dive straight in... I have been thinking about setting up a blog for quite a while now, so I did some research and it turns out that a lot of Marketing Agencies write blogs! So, what I will be doing here is sharing what I have been doing with Kitcat Kreatives along with discussing any current topics within the marketing world and generate and explore ideas with you that I believe will be beneficial in some way, so here we are! When it comes to posting on social media about what Kitcat Kreatives has been doing, I get really stuck into it, so I thought I would create a small space for you all to see 'behind the scenes' on what we have been up to! Just a heads up too, if there is ever anything that you think could make a good blog as well, please let me know! I am always open to ideas and love feedback so it please do drop Kitcat Kreatives a message and we'll get back to you. Not to start on a completely negative note, but the world has become quite a scary and uncertain place recently too, so I wanted to this to potentially help/relate/connect with other Marketing Agencies or Freelancers who have been affected in some way. It's a tricky one as you'd think marketing is what everyone will be after at the moment which is true in some cases but a lot of other factors come into it. That's for another blog post though! Don't worry, Kitcat Blogs won't be all doom and gloom... it will be positive as, without positivity, we have nothing. The main aim of this is to help people and just make a good read, so if you have some spare time on your hands and want to delve into my world of marketing and managing Kitcat Kreatives, keep a close eye! Positive vibes always, Kitcat x

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