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Our review on Creator Studio!

I think we can all agree that the number of changes that have come to Facebook has been significantly overwhelming, especially if this is where you spend most of your time working! It's not all bad though, mostly good actually! One change I absolutely love is the Creator Studio that has recently come to Facebook. My favourite aspect of this all-new platform has to be that you can work solely from the Creator Studio without any distraction to do numerous tasks! If you use Facebook and Instagram for work purposes, you'll understand when I say it is incredibly distracting when you're trying to schedule posts, create an ad or just work and someone tags you in something... (although the general thought is lovely!).

Before I ramble on too much and get ahead of myself, I wanted to create this blog post to explain the ins and outs of the Creator Studio with you. Maybe you work within the field of marketing too on social media but just haven't had the time to look at it yet, or maybe you're in a similar boat to me and have started to use it but just want someone else's thoughts and opinions. If so, you're in the right place! I'll also be explaining my own personal pro's and con's with the Creator Studio and how they have positively impacted my agency, Kitcat Kreatives.

The link and sync with Instagram!

This has to be my favourite part of the Creator Studio, they've finally done it! However, it's more complex than it sounds... I was always aware that Facebook 'owned' Instagram and there was a direct correlation between the two. Therefore, I was always confused about why they hadn't properly linked everything sooner! For those who want to know how they are now linked, WELL... you can now schedule posts from the Creator Studio onto Instagram! (Hallelujah, I hear you cry!). Say goodbye to those third-party scheduling sites! To be honest, this can be very useful in some cases, HOWEVER, it can get very complicated, especially if you run your client's pages on both Facebook and Instagram.

So, to put it as simply as possible, if you want to link your Facebook and Instagram accounts together on the Creator Studio, all of the editors and admins of that Facebook page will now have access to the Instagram account! This will be ok in most cases, however, if for example, you employed someone to be the Social Media Manager of your company X amount of years ago and they finished working for you, you may have forgotten to remove them from your page and they will now, therefore, have access to your Instagram account. Not to worry though as it is very easy to remove people from a page under Page Roles in your settings.

You may think that linking Facebook and Instagram within the Creator Studio would be fairly straightforward, however sometimes if your client has a Business Manager Page and has links to their Instagram account from there, from my experience, it isn't worth setting up the link between Facebook and Instagram. It gets far too complicated!

To move onto some positives about the link and sync, if you like to schedule the same content across both your Facebook and Instagram pages, then this is perfect for you. If you go into the Instagram section of the Creator Studio, when you are just about done with your post you are about to schedule, you will see that you can tix a box which will allow this post to be cross-posted onto your Facebook page too! Be careful though, as if you have tagged someone on Instagram within the post, the messy @ sign in front of the name will appear on Facebook too so make sure to amend this if that is the case.


This has to be my favourite and one of the most rewarding features of the Creator Studio. On the homepage, you will see the overall insights into how well your pages are doing on Facebook. If some are red, don't be too disheartened. This will most likely be because you have had a really good post that reacted well recently in comparison to the rest, this will be why. There's always room for improvement and that's ok and applies to everyone!

The insights section is mostly down to the effort you put into getting to know your brand and your genuine interest in its engagement. This element of the Creator Studio I would say is only relevant if you own a business or are working for/with someone within the marketing sector. As you will see, it is broken down into:

  • Performance

  • Loyalty

  • Audience

  • Retention

  • Earnings

To explain briefly on each section:

Performance - is how well your posts have reacted with your audience and can be a great way to look into how you can improve or slightly change how you post content.

Loyalty - is your community of viewers who come back to your page and engage! You will also see your follower activity here too. 'Audiences' are where you can find out more about your audience. For example, their gender, interests and location.

Retention - is where you can see where your viewers are coming from, the average time people spent watching something, how long people watched for.

Earnings - is something I haven't looked into too much yet, but I do know that access to earnings data can only be granted to Page admins via Settings in ad breaks.

Content Library

This is again a very handy feature if you manage several Pages on Facebook and Instagram. This feature allows you to view all of your All Published, Scheduled, Drafts, Expired and Expiring posts from one area. For me and how I use the Creator Studio, being able to see all of my scheduled posts across all of my Pages within one area is super handy! I can see what post is going out for what client and when. Again, I would only recommend this feature if you manage several pages at once, but by all means, use it if you only manage a couple and you believe it'll be useful to you!


You can now edit posts from your mobile or tablet too with Creator Studio! One thing I found incredibly annoying a few months ago was when my laptop had to go in for repair and I only had my phone to manage my business from and do my overall work from! At this time, Pages was the only app available to check up on posts I had scheduled and even then, I couldn't edit them! So if I had scheduled a post for a client and had to make a change, it was a nightmare! Thankfully the Creator Studio is now available where you can edit all of your scheduled posts which makes life a lot easier if you're working from a tablet or smartphone.

Minimal Distraction!

As I mentioned at the start, I love the minimal distraction that comes with the Creator Studio as I like to always be as productive as possible. I don't know about you but during the current Pandemic, I have really had to limit the amount of social media I consume from a personal perspective! It was driving me crazy. So now with the Creator Studio, I can do all of my work from here without having to see the casual social posts from Facebook friends. You don't have to open separate tabs either as it's all there! There is now even an Inbox feature for each Page too so you can reply to all of your messages for each Page within one space. If you use your own personal Facebook Messenger to interact with clients, you can just use Messenger which is totally separate to your Facebook if you specifically search for it. This is great if you're a pro procrastinator!

Overall, I love the Creator Studio and it has been a huge help for my business! I would highly recommend it if you use social media a lot for your business or work and need to look at specifics within your socials. I wouldn't recommend using it however if you only use social media casually as you won't need a lot of its features.

I hope you found this blog post useful in some way! If you have any thoughts or opinions on anything I have written or if you would like to elaborate further on something, get involved! Comment below or get in touch with Kitcat Kreatives directly.

Stay safe and positive, I'm sending positive vibes and virtual hugs.

All the best,

Kitcat x

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